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The Foundations of Orthopedic PT Practice

Michael Moore teaches a group of students using a model on a treatment table.

Event Time:

9:00 am

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Folsom Physical Therapy

Course Description:


Course Dates: February 4, February 25, April 1, April 29
Times: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


This four-day course is the first in the series of courses constituting the next generation of Folsom Physical Therapy OMT continuing education. Our courses focus on development of critical skills necessary to enhance clinical confidence, efficiency and professional fulfillment in today’s challenging medical-economic environment.


The initial series highlights the foundations of proficient OMT practice.
– Introduction of our new clinically-based reasoning and practice model
– Rapid interpretation of observation, palpation, and movement testing findings
– Effective manual, exercise and ergonomic interventions


Orthopedic PT clinical expertise requires understanding of the interplay between body systems and the ability to interpret the contribution of each to the patient’s overall presentation. As such, instruction will include pertinent anatomy and pathology associated with, and interplay between, the lymphatic, fascial, and arthro-neuro-motor systems. Clinical skill development will focus on sharpening reasoning, observation, manual and intervention proficiency.


For the full course description, please visit our Foundations Course page.


Participants should wear clothing that allows visual and manual access to the entire spine and extremities. Participation in this course is strongly recommended, but not required, prior to participation in subsequent courses.

New Students: $900
Past Long-Term Graduates: $600


Please register as soon as possible. Space is limited.

Event Timelines

Agenda for Feb. 4th

* Instruction will include pertinent anatomy, pathology and interplay between systems

* Instruction will include the art of palpation, movement testing and manual treatment


Agenda for Feb. 25th

* Instruction will include interventions for the most common clinical presentations:

- Inflammation

- Non-inflammatory edema

- Muscle guarding

- Mechanical hypo and hyper mobilities

April 1st Agenda

* Instruction will include introduction to the Functional Loss Characteristics clinical practice model

* Instruction will include ergonomic and ADL management as key elements in MSK patient care

April 29th Agenda

* Instruction will include purposeful and skillful therapeutic exercise


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Ticket Type Ticket Qty Price Per Ticket

4 day course ticket. We will contact you via email with information on how to pay. Price is $900 for new students and $600 for past Long-term graduates.


Event FAQs

Can PTAs register for this course?

Courses are only open to licensed physical therapists.

What are the hours of the course?

Courses will be held on Saturdays from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. 

I have taken a course from FPT before. Am I eligible for the returning student discount?

We only offer the returning student discount to PTs who have previously graduated from our Long-term program. 

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