The Benefits of Massage

by | June 22, 2021 | Information & Advice

Taryn O'Connell massages patient's arm

As part of our commitment to promoting all aspects of health, Folsom Physical Therapy now offers skilled manual massage. We hope this will be a cost-effective method to round out your health efforts.  Massage provides benefits that you cannot achieve through self-care modalities such as exercise, dietary means, good sleep habits, or stress reduction procedures. We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of this service to decrease their need for physical therapy once their primary issues are under control.

Why Massage is Important

Manual massage promotes health and enhances performance for all ages. The impact of safe, altruistic physical contact on one’s mental and physical health is well documented.  Our physical therapists have trained the skilled practitioners at FPT to adjust the style of manual massage to best fit the client’s needs. From reducing tension, to enhancing fluid exchange, to easing discomfort and optimizing physical performance and mobility, our practitioners can fulfill this critical aspect of your overall health and performance needs.

Stress Reduction

Safe, altruistic physical contact can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension. Additionally, it stimulates the release of health promoting hormones and neuropeptides that benefit all aspects of health.

Fluid Exchange

A physician told one of our patients that the three keys to health are circulation, circulation, circulation. This statement is difficult to argue with. Optimal circulation ensures the health of all tissues and systems by providing the oxygen and nutrition to our cells. We traditionally think of compromised circulation stemming from a weak heart, or a disrupted lymphatic system. Thickening of connective tissues in our skin and muscles creates resistance to flow that can also compromise our circulation. Skilled manual massage reduces resistance created by thickened connective tissues and can provide a mechanical pump to assist fluid flow.  

Reducing Discomfort

Thickening of connective tissues occurs with age, lack of adequate movement, excessive movement or poor systemic health. As connective tissues thicken, they adhere layers of tissues together. This creates early resistance to movements, inhibiting fluid exchange, altering muscle coordination and stimulating sensations of physical discomfort. Skilled manual massage thins connective tissues and teases layers of tissues apart, which minimizes the thickening of your tissues. You might think of three or four sessions of skillful manual massage two to three times per year as weeding a garden to prevent these adhesions from over taking “your yard.” Being proactive about maintaining your flexibility should be part of your health plan.

Optimizing Performance

Thickening connective tissue disrupts coordinated muscle function, creates energy consuming resistance through range, and limits overall range of motion. This combination of performance-limiting factors can be addressed with thoughtful exercise and skillful manual massage. Regardless of if the goal is to optimize athletic performance, maintain independent living into advanced age or in fall prevention, frequently addressing the natural thickening of connective tissues must be part of your performance plan.

For more information or to set up an appointment, visit our Health and Performance Massage program page or call us at 916-355-8500.

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