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Gym and Group Exercise Update

by | April 5, 2021 | From Our Newsletter, News & Updates

The Folsom Physical Therapy Gym with no people in it.

We are excited to reopen the gym and resume in-clinic group exercises in the near future. We are somewhat grateful that Sac County currently only allows gyms to be open at 10% capacity as this gives us time to see how COVID trends progress prior to setting a firm date on our gym’s reopening. We will monitor these trends carefully and strive to make the best decision for you regarding reopening the gym.

We have been very pleased with our mitigation efforts as there have been some COVID cases in our patient population but we do not think there has been any transmission at the clinic to date. We intend to do our best to keep our spotless record going.
In preparation for your participation when the gym reopens we want to remind you of a few facts.

  • De-conditioning occurs quickly when one stops challenging their tissues and systems. It is believed that if you have not exercised for 12 weeks it may be as if you have never exercised at all! For those who have not been participating in the Zoom classes or some other exercise program, it is time to get started. If you go from doing little to jumping back into your previous program, problems will predictably arise.
  • Basic remodeling requires a slow reentry of physical and mental demands over approximately 12 weeks to form a solid base on which to grow. In athletic training the rule of thumb is to progress the challenge of exercise by 10% a week. This pace allows most bodies to accommodate so problems can be avoided. This means if you have been lifting 10 lb.’s for 10 reps, the progression would either be 11 lb.’s for 10 reps or 11 reps with 10 lb.’s, not 11 reps and 11 lb.’s the next week. It is human nature for our self-image to be what we were at our best. It is important that you assess your current starting point correctly to avoid trouble.
  • As you may remember when you first started with FPT, the message about exercising was that our job was to coach you in the appropriate technique and starting dose, and that your job was not to push too hard to create trouble. 
  • People often start out exercising with great enthusiasm for the first two weeks prior to entering the “Valley Of Death.” The “Valley Of Death” is weeks 2-6 of an exercise routine. It is when the excitement of starting a new program is replaced by the fatigue that occurs from all of the remodeling going on to adapt to the new mental and physical demands created by the program. Complicating the initial toughening period is that connective tissue breakdown in the forms of tendinitis’ and joint issues seem to occur during weeks 3-4 if the program is progressed too quickly. This musculoskeletal breakdown also seems to coincide with some sort of “cold” or illness as even your immune system weakens during the initial toughening phase. 
  • We will need to all temper our initial enthusiasm upon reopening to ensure it is pleasant and sustainable for all of you.

With that mindset, ladies and gentleman, let’s start your engines in preparation for the gym to reopen soon. Dust off your walking shoes or oil-up your stationary bike. Maybe even enjoy some of the hilly terrain in the region with a few hill repeats to get the old heart pumping. Inflate your gym balls (bring them in if you don’t have a pump) and start rolling around your living rooms. Don’t be afraid of squeezing your gluts a few times while waiting in line at the store. It may be wise to take your blood pressure and get a heart monitor to ensure it is physiologically safe to jump back in. Lack of activity and stress can insidiously deteriorate health quickly.

We are so looking forward to being with you again. Let’s make it a sustained pleasant experience for all of us. We are assuming we will initially require masks and proof of vaccination, as we must err on the side of safety. We will keep you posted as the time draws near.

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